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What is UY2 connector?

MT-3802 UY2 wire splicing connector

1. This is used to connect 2 wires quickly and securely with moistureproof.
2. It is for conductors of inner diameter 0.4-0.9mm.
3. Can you connect the cable directly?
4. All materials used for the connectors should be non-toxic, dermatologically safe.
5. Use U1R connectors for wires with an external coat of up to 2.08mm.
6. There are several types: UY,UR,UB, etc.

UY2 terminal is a kind of wire connector, which adopts the principle of U-shaped contact, interference fit and self-locking structure to complete the connection of wires by cold crimping. It is often used for the continuation of wires in telecommunications.

After using the UY2 terminal connection method, the labor intensity of the strain measurement work is significantly reduced, and the work efficiency is greatly improved.

In view of the different use environment and telecommunications of UY2 terminals in strain measurement, it is necessary to research the process specification and inspection method suitable for strain gauge lead connection;

At the same time, check and evaluate the influence of the connection of UY2 terminals under this process specification on the progress of measurement preparation and measurement accuracy.

UY2 double-blade two-core connector is a self-peeling insulating layer, a two-wire parallel connector with insulation and moisture-proof properties. UY2 double-blade two-core connector adopts the principle of U-shaped contact and interference fit. The wire is inserted into the groove of the U-shaped element. The insulating layer is stripped inside, and the two parallel sheets form pressure, so that the original oxide film of the wire shape is removed and the shape of the conductor is changed, making it elliptical and increasing the contact area.

At the same time, it maintains good and lasting conductor tensile strength, and reaches the same level as welding in terms of physical and electrical properties.

Ators and telephones is a POTS connector, which comes with a pair of wires and is suitable for crimping tools. This connector is commonly used to connect the connector block from a two-wire (POTS) line to the two-wire (POTS) connector on a terminal strip, a splitter, or another communications device. Most telephone networks use a two-wire style connector between the two. The UY2 connector is a three-wire connector that uses interference fit and self-locking structure to complete the connection of wires by cold crimping.

How to use the UY2 connector?

UY2 double-blade two-core wiring terminal adopts single moisture-proof structure, polypropylene transparent shell, Jing-type sealing moisture-proof agent, tin-plated brass alloy double-clicking blade, used for wire connection, suitable for wire diameter 0.4~ 0.9mm wire with a maximum outer diameter of 2.08mm. This unit’s aircraft structure test strain measurement wire is 9 × 0.15 cable, the diameter of a single wire is 0.45mm, and the diameter of the outer skin is 1.2mm. Comply with the applicable scope of UY2 connector.

You can easily see the router’s wired plug by pulling out the cable. The router requires only four wires to access the wire, while the input wires require more than twice that number. It is important to identify the exact locations of the four wires the router conforms with. Next, connect the four input signal selection lines to the UY2 connector. Then clamp them with calipers.

You can make a change to the connection in the multimedia pole box at your home (there are usually two connections and many connections, often white lines).

Advantages of using UY2 connectors

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The UY2 connector is easy to construct and reliable in contact, which solves the problem of cumbersome welding. There is no need to strip the wire during wiring, just insert the wire end into the wiring hole, and the connection can be completed by a simple action of pressing, so the operation is simple and fast. And the construction site after use is clean and beautiful.

The UY2/UY2-D connectors are small and solvent-resistant. This reduces the O.D. for splicing. to a minimum. The two ports can accept two solid copper conductors of various wire gauges. To provide moisture resistance, the connector is sealed with a sealant. Additionally, the UY2 connector comes in a dry version called UY2-D connector. RUS listed.

There are many options for 3M-type wire connectors, including inline tap splices or butt splices. IDC buttsplices for Series use a specially designed wire insulation displacement connection to provide reliable electrical connections to each wire. By driving the wire through the “U” connector, a “live spring” joint can be made. This simple action displaces the insulation, and grips all conductors using a firm, resilient force. These connectors have a factory installed sealant that protects against corrosion and keeps out moisture.

Series in-line tapping wire splices can save you time. They allow users to tap into other wires without interrupting service. The connectors have a U-shaped component that displaces insulation material to make contact with the copper conductor. These wire splices include a factory-installed sealing agent to prevent corrosion and protect from moisture. Tap connectors can be installed quickly and are easy to use.
Tap connectors enable direct tapping of existing solid copper conductors, without interrupting service. The pre-crimp feature holds the wires in place until they are crimped and spliced.

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How to detect UY2 connector?

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Reliability verification test

Due to the quality of the UY2 terminal itself and the construction problems of the operators, the reliability verification test of the UY2 terminal was carried out. The test was carried out in a small-scale application method. A total of 953 terminals were crimped, and 2 faulty terminals appeared, which were qualified. The rate is 99.8%.

In the process of strain measurement, the measured value is the resistance value of the strain gauge. Considering that if the resistance of the UY2 terminal affects the resistance value of the strain gauge and thus affects the measurement data, two methods of welding and wiring are connected. Conductor resistance comparison test.

Anti-tramp and anti-pull test

Considering the complex environment of on-site construction, UY2 terminals may be trampled and pulled, to simulate the actual connection of strain measurement lines; three cables are connected with UY2 terminals to share 405 UY2 terminals and 45 measurement channels. Anti-pull test.

Trampling, pulling, and shaking did not cause changes in contact resistance; strain measurements fluctuated within normal limits.