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Promise to provide you mature solutions in four major areas:

1.FTTx   2.Structured Cabling   3.Networking   4.SECURITY AND PROTECTION.



FTTx technology is mainly used for access network optical fiber, ranging from central office equipment in regional telecommunications room to user terminal equipment, Optical Line Terminal; OLT, Optical Network Unit; ONU or Optical Network Terminal; ONT. According to the distance from the fiber to the user, there are 4 service forms: Fiber To The Cabinet; FTTCab, Fiber To The Curb; FTTC, Fiber To The Building; FTTB and Fiber To The Home; FTTH.


Structured cabling is neatly deployed, clearly marked integrated cabling. At the same time, structured cabling is also a complete system, which includes audio and video conference systems, video monitor systems, building control management systems, etc.; Wi-Fi must rely on reliable, high-performance structured cabling to connect wireless access to point (AP) connected to the backbone network.



Networking refers to the communication between multiple processes running on different computers. This communication can occur on a closed local area network, or through the Internet. It refers to the construction, design, and use of a network, including physical cables, hubs, bridges, switches, routers, etc., to the use and management of the network. The selection and use of communication protocols and computer software and the establishment of an operating mechanism and procedure for a network.



Network security usually refers to the security of computer networks, in fact, it can also refer to the security of computer communication networks. A computer communication network is a system that interconnects several computers with independent functions through communication equipment and transmission media, and realizes information transmission and exchange between computers with the support of communication software.