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RJ11 Modular Plug1

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What is the rj11 Modular Plug?

RJ11 Modular Plug1

The most commonly used plug to connect telephones and modems with an electrical outlet is the rj11 module plug. The rj11 connector is a four-pin, similar to the RJ45 crystal socket but has only four pins. The rj11 socket connector connects modems and telephones to an electric outlet.

The most widely used plug-in in America is the rj11 module plug. The rj11 modular plug is identical in size and shape to the RJ45 jack but has only four pins instead of the seven. The rj11 connector is used to connect modems and telephone lines to equipment that has RJ45 ports. The rj11 socket connects modems and telephones to equipment that has RJ45 ports.

RJ11 modular plug is usually a 6-pin (6-pin) modular plug or Jack, although only 4 pins can be used. The 6 pin plug is typically used in interconnects between 10 and 100BaseT Ethernet. The 4 pin plug can be used in module-to-module interconnects. It is often considered a replacement for 6 pin plug. It is helpful for applications that need fewer wires and those that require compatibility with other equipment.

This modular 6 pin plug (4-pin version) is used in modular connectors and almost always used to wire phones. It connects North American telephones, to customer premises equipment, such as a facsimile machine, and networks like the Internet. It can also be used to connect to a network of telephones outside the United States, mainly in Canada and Mexico.

The rj11 modular plug has the same series as RJ14 or RJ25. It is 9.5mm in width, but has a different number of contacts. RJ11 has only one pair of contacts in its middle. These can be connected with a pair wires. 6P2C is six posiTIon, two conductors.

RJ14 has 4 contacts in its middle and can link 2 pairs of wires. RJ14 6P4C is RJ25 6P4C. RJ25 has all 6 connections and can also connect 3 pairs of wires. RJ2 6P6C is RJ2 6P6C.

RJ11 can also be used as an interface to RS-232 and 485,

This rj11 modular plug is also used to supply low-voltage, low-power power supply (AC/DC), commonly known as PIN2 or PIN5 (black lines and yellow lines).

RJ11 modular socket is the general name for this 9.5mm series. RJ11 6,P44, and RJ116P6C are used to differentiate the number of contacts.

The phone also has a modular plug that connects the phone and handset. 

It is called 4P4C (some call it RJ22 and form a series along with RJ9 & RJ10). There are 4 contacts at 7.5mm in width, which is smaller than RJ11.

The rj11 modular connector is a US telephone connector. France is BS 6312, and France is F-010. Germany is a TAE connector. Austria is a TDO connector. Poland is WT-4. This is a big difference.

How Many Types of Rj11 NModule Plugs?

The rj11 modular plug only has 2 and 4 pins. These pins are used to connect telephone lines.

The 6-pin RJ12 crystal connector is used for voice communication. However, it is seldom used by home users.

There is an 8-pin RJ45 Crystal plug. This is the standard network cable connector.

What’s the Difference Between RJ45 Modular Socket and the RJ11 Modular Sockets?

RJ45 and RJ11 modular sockets consist of PVC shells, shrapnel and chips.

The high-quality dark-blue avenue crystal head is crystal clear. The shrapnel and fragment are solid and tough.

The number of contacts and grooves is what makes the difference.

RJ11 Modular Plug1

Different structure

The RJ45 modular connector has 8 grooves with 8 contacts (8p8c), whereas the RJ11modular connector usually has 6 tracks (6p4c). 

Therefore, the RJ45modular Jack is bigger than the RJ11modular.
Although the RJ45 socket can be used to plug into the rj11 socket, it cannot be used reversely. However, it is highly recommended that the RJ45 socket not use the rj11 module plug.

Different line sequence standards

The wire sequence standards for wiring differ due to the RJ45modular and RJ11modular structures. RJ11 modular socket has 6 grooves and 4 contacts (6p4c), while its line sequence is fixed.

T-568A or T-568B are the two primary wire sequence standards for RJ45 modular plug wiring.

The final network cable can be made in two types by adopting different standards: cross-over or straight-through. All network cables now use 568B.

Different fields of application

The RJ45 modular Jack is usually terminated at one end of the network cable to connect equipment such as computers.

While the RJ11 modular Jack is completed at the ADSL and voice cables to connect with the modem or telephone, the RJ11 modular jack is terminated at the other end of the network cable.

RJ45 and RJ11 modules plugs differ in size, wiring standards and application range. They cannot be interoperable so they should be used with care.

RJ11’s dimensions, insertion force, and insertion angle are not internationally standardized. Interoperability is not guaranteed because they are not aligned with international standard connectors’ design requirements. 

They can even lead to the destruction of both. The RJ11 plug is much smaller than the RJ45 plug so the plastic parts will cause damage to the metal pins in the jack.

Which Features Are Available in the RJ11 Modular Plug?

1. Materials that are healthy and sustainable
2. Compatible with standard and solid wire
3. Transparent housing color customizable
4. Phosphor bronze contact plat with thick gold-plated shrapnel
5. Compatible both with 110&Krone punch-down tool

How Do You Wire the RJ11 Modular Plug?

The RJ11 modular plug does not have any special requirements regarding the order of the lines when wiring. Telephone lines generally have four cores, but only two are required. There is no specific order for the placement of the lines. The line sequence at the ends of the crystal head is the same.

RJ11 is used often to connect modems and telephones.

To connect different network devices such as routers, computers, switches, and routers, the RJ45J45 crystal head is typically terminated on an Ethernet cable.