With the continuous development of advanced technologies, traditional networks can no longer meet the needs of increasing network applications, and the upgrading and reconstruction projects need to be completed. Because the network application involves different fields, the whole design process is more complicated. Structured cabling is the cornerstone of network construction.

The network upgrade and reconstruction construction must first meet the needs of the application, and secondly, various factors such as technology and capital must be considered. Finally, the upgrade and reconstruction is different from the new construction. In the project implementation, it is necessary to ensure the reasonable arrangement of the time schedule and the existing network application system. of normal operation.

Although some security devices can indeed ensure the security and stability of the network, such as the use of advanced firewalls to complete access control, antivirus wall to scan and kill viruses, high-performance servers to manage accounts and data, and intrusion detection to block external attacks, it cannot be ignored. Otherwise, you will enter another misunderstanding in network construction: attaching importance to equipment configuration and light planning and design.

Through data investigation, we can know that many network problems do not necessarily come from external attacks, but within the network, that is, network lines have problems.

The basic wiring project is very important in the process of network construction. According to statistics, 58% of network failures come from network cables. Some responsible persons do not understand or pay attention to structured wiring, and even think that structured wiring can be completed by decoration companies. Equating decoration wiring with professional wiring will inevitably shake the foundation of network construction. Without high-speed network lines, it is impossible to have efficient network applications.

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The type of network cable determines the network speed

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The existing network uses the Category 5e twisted pair cable, which is marked as Cat 5e and has a bandwidth of 155M. It is usually used in 100M Ethernet to realize the connection between the desktop switch and the computer.

Category 6 unshielded twisted pair is marked with Cat 6 and has a bandwidth of 250M. It is now generally used to set up Gigabit networks, which is the trend of future development. In appearance and structure, the six types of unshielded twisted pair not only increase the insulation cross and separate four pairs of wires, but also improve the balance characteristics of the cable and improve the crosstalk attenuation by increasing the diameter of the cable.

According to the development of cabling system and the needs of new services, basically a cabling system should be used for at least ten years as a standard, and can support four to five generations of network equipment updates.

Although the price of Category 6 unshielded twisted pair is relatively high, it has a certain compatibility with Category 5e twisted pair and can support Gigabit Ethernet very well, so choose Category 6 unshielded twisted pair to complete the network. The upgraded wiring system is more suitable.

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Professional structured cabling ensures construction quality

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Professional wiring and decoration wiring cannot be equated.

The decoration engineering team is not equipped with professional network wiring personnel.

Generally, the network cable connection is completed by an electrician.

It often occurs that the network cable is not uniformly marked, the network cable is not bundled and arranged, and the RJ45 crystal head is directly connected and omitted.

The patch panel equipment is used, and the network cable is even extended with an adapter.

This will not only increase the fault points, but also difficult to find and eliminate, and the quality of construction cannot be guaranteed.

From the above, the construction unit of the network cabling project must be a professionally qualified company, implemented by professional cabling personnel according to standard specifications, and professional tools are required.

In addition, the construction technology of Category 6 unshielded twisted pair is high, and the test margin of super Category 5 twisted pair is greater than that of Category 6 cable, so special attention should be paid during structured cabling installation and design.

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Structured Cabling Engineering Design

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In order to meet the needs of future informatization construction, update outdated and faulty network facilities, and eliminate potential safety hazards, the structural wiring design must be combined with the opportunity of energy-saving renovation of the main building of the customer, and the network of specific buildings must be upgraded and transformed.

After the network upgrade and transformation, it can realize the network connection of optical fiber access, gigabit cable transmission, and self-adaptive terminal 100M network card interface; it can ensure the physical isolation of different density levels and different nature networks;

It can have the connection capability of gigabit network card terminal equipment. Take a building with a renovation area of 5,246 square meters as an example.

Six types of unshielded twisted pair cables are used to implement network cabling. According to the design principle of reserving 15% to 25%, an average of 8 network interfaces is set in an office of 43m2, an average of 4 network interfaces in an office of 22m2, and an average of 2 to 25% in the laboratory. 4 network interfaces,

Then, according to the verification and confirmation of the number and location of the interfaces in each room, there are a total of 447 network interfaces. After considering the increase of 5%, it is estimated that a total of 470 network information point interfaces will be established. Set up one network host room and one branch room.

The network adopts the structured wiring method, which consists of the main distribution cabinet, branch cables and network outlet sockets. Using a gigabit network structure, the network wiring cabinet in the computer room is connected to the network outlet in the form of gigabit transmission through special network equipment. When it is led to the network outlet socket, it is installed in the suspended ceiling through a PC20 pipe for protection, and then concealed along the wall or column to the outlet socket.

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How to Acceptance Test Structured Cabling Project?

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Network planning and design must consider acceptance testing issues in advance. The acceptance test results after the cabling project is completed are the basis for future network management and maintenance, capacity expansion and upgrade.

The transmission performance of a network cable is generally determined by a variety of factors, including cable characteristics, jumper quality, and the number of loops. Design planning and structured cabling installation quality will also affect the transmission performance. For example, whether the information point terminal module adopts the 568A standard line sequence or the 568B standard line sequence is also an artificial influencing factor.

It can be seen that the comprehensive acceptance test is the last step of the wiring project.

The first step in the wiring test is to check the connectivity of the network cable with a continuity tester. The second step is the certification test of the entire cable system according to international standards.

It is mainly to test various electrical parameters of the cable system, and to test the indicators and parameters such as the maximum attenuation value and near-end crosstalk attenuation of the twisted pair during link transmission. The third step is to conduct a random test on the cable system, which is usually done by a qualified third party. The proportion of the cable random test is usually 10% to 20%.

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The safety and reliability of the project is the only guarantee for the normal operation of the office network, avoiding the occurrence of secondary failures. The design of the previous scheme structured cabling solution not only makes up for the shortcomings of the original network construction, but also provides a good support environment for the future network development.