This network cabling tutorial is one of the whole network cabling. It tells you in detail the factors that affect the speed of the local area network during the network cabling installation process.

The factors that affect the speed of the local area network are usually caused by some small details that some network cabling personnel do not pay attention to. Therefore, pay attention to the following factors first:

Comprehensive network cabling design

When designing the network cabling, it is necessary to design the switch, especially the installation position of the main switch. The common super five twisted pair cable, the theoretical transmission interval does not exceed 100 meters, the actual is about 95 meters, so everyone is in the installation of the switch. When the time is divided, the minimum interval must be taken as the position of the device switch.

After cascading between the switching stages, the transmission interval of the twisted pair can be extended, which does not mean that the network cable can be extended indefinitely. After 4 switches are cascaded, there is no signal and the transmission capacity is lost. Therefore, when designing a comprehensive network cabling, it is necessary to consider the transmission distance of the network transmission medium. The farther the distance is, the greater the signal loss and the lower the transmission quality.

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Selection of network transmission medium

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The current network transmission medium to be used is network cable, which is commonly known as twisted pair.

When choosing a network cable, it is best to spend more money and buy an authentic super five network cable. If you think the AMP network cable is too expensive, you can consider other brands, but you must pay attention to the quality of the network cable. It is best to test it in advance. The network condition of 100MB , the file transfer between the two computers should be around 10MB, which is normal (Note: the network speed is based on “bits” as the speed unit (lowercase “b”), not “Bytes” (uppercase “B”)-100Mb/s Network speed = 12.5MB/s)).

Regarding the concept of network transmission speed, more analysis is required. We usually call the bandwidth of optical fibers, such as 10MB of optical fibers, the perfect statement is that the transmission bandwidth of optical fibers is 10 megabits per second.

The data transfer speed of the hard disk we usually say is megabytes, such as the hard disk in the form of DMA66, the transfer speed is 66 megabytes per second.

A byte is made up of 8 bits. Therefore, our 10MB bandwidth fiber, the maximum download speed can only reach 1.25MB bytes in theory, plus network loss, that is, about 1MB bytes is normal.

Many of us think that with 10MB fiber, the download speed can reach 10MB, this statement is wrong.

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The choice of network connection medium

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Similarly, as the crystal head connecting the network card and the network cable, it should not be used too much. Some bosses use a crystal head of a few cents to save money. The money is saved, and it is virtually free for my business. stumbling block.

The choice of the crystal head, generally choose the crystal head of about 1 yuan, if there is a premise, you can choose the real AMP crystal head. If the quality of the crystal head is too poor, it will cause poor contact and affect the transmission effect.

Reasonable network cabling

During the network cabling installation process, check whether there are nearby interference sources, and try to prevent the air-conditioning cable and power cable from being in the same trunking as possible.

Strictly follow the rules of network cabling

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A lot of network cabling members randomly connect the network cables in a line order, which is a big factor affecting the network speed.

There are two ways to connect the network cable, one is 568A and the other is 568B. The wiring method we often use is 568B.

If you study the line sequence carefully, you will know why the line sequence of 568A and 568B can achieve the fastest network speed.

According to the rules of network cabling systemsg, the exact sequence of lines 1 to 8 is: 1 orange white 2 orange 3 green white 4 blue 5 blue white 6 green 7 brown white 8 brown.

We use line 1236 for transmission, with 568B connection, line 13 is responsible for sending data, and line 26 is responsible for receiving.

When we turn on the twisted pair, we can see that the 12-gauge wire is surrounded, and the direction of the current is opposite, which can offset the disturbance and achieve the maximum network transmission speed. The same is true for Line 36.

The choice of switches

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With the addition of online games, the amount of data exchange is gradually increasing, and the requirements for data exchange are getting higher and higher. Therefore, when choosing a switch, it is necessary to choose a switch with fast network speed.

The current network situation usually adopts 100M, so the main switch must use 100M. Reasonable selection of switches can prevent the occurrence of network bottlenecks and greatly improve the quality of network transmission.

Selection of routing equipment

When we choose routing equipment, we can choose three types: proxy server, hardware router and software routing. Each owner can choose the appropriate routing equipment according to their actual situation.

Low-end proxy servers generally use 2K or 2003 as the proxy server. There is also a problem that cannot be ignored. Generally, when 2K is used as a proxy server, most of them use the sharing method, which greatly affects the network speed.