With the large-scale development of digital cable TV, digital TV transmission is gradually moving towards high standards and high quality. The optical fiber distribution frame of the computer room must be installed correctly.
12-port patch panel, 25-port patch panel, 50-port patch panel, 24-port patch panel, shielded patch panel, cat.3 patch panel, etc. At the same time, we can also provide you with a variety of optical fiber distribution frames of different heights. 27 years of production experience ensures that each of your products is an integration of extensive experience. At the same time, Melontel is also a TUV and ISO9001 certified company, ensuring that you can purchase high-quality optical fiber distribution frames.

Why install a fiber distribution frame?

Installation Optical Fiber Distribution Frame1

(1) The transmission advantage of optical fiber is obvious

In the past, most of the network transmission of radio stations used -12 cable transmission as the main transmission medium.
With the increasing cost performance of optical fiber, the advantages of long transmission distance and no interference, each station is increasing the investment in optical fiber, to replace the original transmission mode of 540 cable and -12 cable as the main line, so that the cable TV signal More stable and reliable.

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(2) The optical fiber distribution frame brings convenience to the maintenance and upgrade of the equipment room

By using the optical fiber distribution frame, the optical fiber in and out of the equipment room is more beautiful and the operation is more convenient.

“Because all the optical fibers are installed on the distribution frame, all the optical fiber flanges are connected with optical fiber jumpers, which brings convenience to maintenance and repair. If you need to upgrade, just connect the jumper to the flange, Butt, no more fusion splicer welding.

Installation Optical Fiber Distribution Frame1

(3) The patch panel can adapt to the link of different optical fiber windows

Usually, the one-way transmission and two-way EPON technology transmission and backhaul of digital cable TV use three windows of 1310nm, 1490nm and 1550nm.

“As long as we properly order the optical splitters according to different wavelengths in the design, an effective link can be achieved.

(4) It can adapt to the transmission requirements of optical signals of different wavelengths

If the cable digital TV is 550MHz frequency to implement analog, digital coexistence.
“At the same time, the pure digital signal within the frequency of 550MHz is turned on. There are two signal sources at the input end.
During the coexistence of analog and digital, we use the 1310nm optical transmitter to transmit down, “when the digital signal user installs to a certain ratio,” then convert the original analog and digital coexistence signal into 1550nm optical amplifier and EDFA to transmit pure digital TV Signal, “It is very convenient to use the optical fiber distribution frame when docking”, just connect the output jumper of the original 1310nm optical signal splitter to the EDFA optical signal splitter.

How to install the patch panel?

Installation Optical Fiber Distribution Frame1

Properly modify the optical fiber distribution frame

A general set of optical fiber distribution frame is usually 7U‚ when it leaves the factory, and the fully equipped optical fiber is 504 cores.
For better installation and application, it is more convenient to use.
We made a small modification to the optical fiber distribution frame, only equipped with 5U and 5 sets of optical fiber junction boxes, and the full configuration is 360 cores. There are 2 sets of junction boxes under the distribution frame, which is used to install the optical distribution frame. router ‚.
The optical splitter should be customized rack type, “input and output are FC/APC connectors”, and the output is the panel output of the splitter box, so that when connecting jumpers, the fiber patching can be completed in the fiber distribution frame. , instead of needing to pass under the floor or above the ceiling, which can reduce the failure of rat bites or the bending radius of the jumper is too small to reduce the optical signal.

Reasonably purchase the number of Optical Fiber Distribution Frames and distribution boxes

When purchasing a patch panel, you must be forward-looking. “It should be implemented in stages according to the actual number of optical fibers in the area, rather than buying too many groups of distribution boxes at one time. Generally, the number of 2-3 years should be considered (in the specific implementation). Come up with a fiber optic transformation implementation plan (implemented by region).

Check the adapter and jumper

Installation Optical Fiber Distribution Frame1

The smallest device using the optical fiber distribution frame is the adapter, the rack-type splitter is connected to the optical signal before use, and then each output port is tested. According to the original design, the basis is compared. To the technical transmission indicators must be replaced.
It is also possible to test the adapters individually. The single insertion loss of the general adapter is 0.1 ~ 0.2dB, and if the loss is greater than 0.2dB, it should be replaced. At the same time, the jumper should also be tested. There is basically no loss of wire.

Establish the file of the patch panel

After the construction is completed, all the data of the patch panel shall be managed by archives.
“At the same time, label the destination of each fiber.
Each input port of the bundled pigtail cable in the wiring box is marked on the cover of the wiring box.
Create an electronic file, draw the optical node and splitter ratio of each optical transmitter and the output file of the wiring box in the computer, so that it can be consulted in future maintenance or repair.