The subway is a new type of transportation. Since the construction of the subway, it has met people’s daily travel requirements, and at the same time has greatly eased the traffic pressure and ensured the convenience of residents’ travel. However, in the subway project, the telecom equipment installation is a very critical link. Strengthening the installation quality can ensure the safety of the subway operation. Therefore, in the subway telecom equipment installation, it is necessary to increase the strict control of the equipment installation. The Telecom Equipment Installer analyzes the installation in time. Difficulties existing in the system, and use effective measures to improve the scientificity of telecom equipment installation.

Difficulties in the installation of telecom equipment in the subway

Finally, we can also see that the network cable is not easy to bend, and the high-quality network cable should be bent naturally so that it is convenient for wiring; we can also see whether the outer sheath of the network cable is flame-retardant, in order to avoid the cable damage caused by high temperature or fire , the outermost layer of the twisted-pair cable should not only have good tensile properties, but also have flame retardancy. We can use a lighter to test it and know that the rubber will become soft when heated. Will not catch fire. For the "Category 5e" network cable, it has two categories: Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) and Category 5e Shielded Twisted Pair (STP). The unshielded twisted pair cable is composed of multiple pairs of twisted pairs and a plastic sheath. The outside of the Category 5 shielded twisted pair (STP) is wrapped with a layer of metal material to reduce radiation and prevent information from being eavesdropped. At the same time, it has a high data transmission rate, but the price is high and the installation is more complicated; the unshielded twisted pair (UTP) price is relatively cheap and the networking is flexible. Except for some special occasions, such as the use of shielded twisted pair (STP) for wiring in places with severe electromagnetic radiation and high requirements for transmission quality, we generally use unshielded twisted pair (UTP).

Standardization of construction design

Through the investigation, it is found that in the subway communication project, the competition for equipment installation is very fierce. In order to meet the construction requirements, it is necessary to reserve sufficient time for the equipment installation in the design process.

However, the time reserved in the actual construction process is generally insufficient to meet the design requirements of the project. Even before the construction site survey has been carried out, the drawing design has already started, which to a certain extent causes the inconsistency of the design scheme. science.

Not only can not ensure the rationality of equipment installation, but also easily cause equipment hidden dangers during installation.

Difficulties in the installation of terminal communication equipment at the station

During the installation of subway telecom equipment, especially in the process of installing terminal equipment in stations, it is necessary to clarify all the equipment installation contents. Since there are many contents covered, there are also relatively more construction management involved.

At present, the most engineering difficulty in the installation of connecting equipment is that the number of cable ends is large, and it is easy to cause faults during the debugging process. If the fault cannot be solved, it will affect the installation quality of the equipment.

(3) Difficulties in the installation of equipment in the communication room

In the subway telecom equipment installation, the communication room is mainly divided into three parts, one is the dedicated communication system, the second is the police communication system, and the third is the civil communication system. The three systems have their own computer rooms and exist independently.

For different construction stages, it is necessary to master different installation specifications, especially to implement the scientificity of installation in terms of details, in order to truly exert the operation effect of the equipment in the computer room.

How to install subway communication equipment?

performance indicators of optical fiber connector

Fault prevention and control

In order to reduce the increase in the probability of equipment failure caused by environmental factors and meet the safe and stable operation of communication equipment, it is necessary to implement scientific fault prevention and control technology during the installation process, strengthen the inspection and maintenance of equipment, and use information technology to realize equipment operation. Monitoring, timely acquisition of relevant data and information about the operation of communication equipment to complete the prevention of equipment failures.

In addition, in order to meet the scientific nature of equipment operation, Telecom Equipment Installer needs to actively implement the adjustment and optimization of equipment and utilize perfect installation technology to ensure that all equipment can exert its own value and improve the installation quality of subway communication equipment.

First of all, when carrying out the installation of base station equipment, Telecom Equipment Installer needs to install the cables connected to the cabinet in time, implement the perfect installation requirements, do a good job in checking the power lines, ensure the rationality of the ground connection of all equipment, and reduce the damage caused by line problems. All installation steps must comply with relevant specifications.

Secondly, after the installation of the equipment is completed, it needs to be checked by the Telecom Equipment Installer to implement the detection of the signal performance to ensure that the installation quality of all equipment meets the requirements and reduce the probability of failure during equipment operation.

Specify the specific installation location

The subway telecom equipment installation can ensure the safe and stable operation of the subway. Before installation, the Telecom Equipment Installer is required to conduct on-site surveys to clarify the location of all telecom equipment installations, determine the location according to the requirements of the construction drawings, and analyze and locate the track area in advance. Then set the corresponding signs to be fully prepared for the subsequent cable laying.

In addition, when installing the panel, it is also necessary to analyze the length of the fiber optical cable to make more accurate card control. All installation steps must comply with the installation specifications, and ensure the neatness and aesthetics of the installation, and implement the process application. Unite.

In the installation of trackside equipment, it is also necessary to pay attention to the grounding of the equipment, and implement effective grounding settings to prevent the equipment from being affected by bad weather during operation. Waterproofing is also a very critical operation step in equipment installation. During the installation process, it is necessary to clarify the installation position, implement scientific waterproofing treatment, fix the cable and the tunnel wall, keep the installation distance scientific and reasonable, and use perfect waterproofing methods. Reduce moisture barriers to equipment operation.

Cable installation

Before designing, the Telecom Equipment Installer is required to investigate and analyze the cable laying path, so as to complete the cable laying plan and reduce the phenomenon that the design does not match the actual construction situation during the construction.

Combined with this situation, the selected designers and surveyors must have strong working ability and comprehensive quality, implement the coordination and communication between each Telecom Equipment Installer and each team, and maintain the scientificity of cable design and installation.

In addition, in the cable installation, it is also necessary to clearly control the quality of the cable, and test all the materials before laying to ensure that the cable materials meet the construction specifications of the project.

Cable installation is the basis for improving the efficiency of subway operation. During the construction process, it is necessary to maintain the principle of cable installation, and implement the installation management of each detail to meet the quality requirements of cable installation.

For example, before cable installation, it is necessary to analyze the reserved port of the pipeline to check whether the reserved port meets the engineering regulations, whether the cable penetration construction meets the construction quality requirements, and so on.

Equipment debugging

Equipment debugging is the basis for checking whether the equipment meets the installation requirements. Through reasonable equipment debugging, the equipment can reach the ideal working state. When the equipment is installed, it is necessary to clean up the sundries in time to ensure that the equipment has a good operating environment. Especially when cleaning the environment in the computer room area, it is also necessary to implement scientific environmental inspections to ensure the cleanliness of the computer room.

When installing telecom equipment in a subway station, you can analyze the characteristics and difficulties of the installation, formulate an appropriate installation plan, actively implement the application of new concepts and new technologies, and ensure that the construction difficulties are solved.

During equipment commissioning, all commissioning contents must be consistent with the engineering specifications, all equipment operating conditions are checked, and detailed data records are performed by Telecom Equipment Installer. When subsequent equipment malfunctions, it can be combined with these data in a targeted manner. Carry out troubleshooting.


All in all, subway telecom equipment installation is difficult and involves a lot of content. In order to ensure the improvement of installation quality, it is necessary to increase the analysis of difficulties in installation, implement scientific plan formulation, strengthen the ability and quality of Telecom Equipment Installer, and implement all Equipment installation quality management, and promote the stable operation of subway communication projects.