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Melontel’s Fiber optic distribution box is used in FTTH access systems for terminal access and are particularly suitable for outdoor wall-mounted or hoop-mounted applications.

The optical fiber cable distribution box can be used in conjunction with field intelligent construction tools and ODN network management to achieve innovative fiber management and competent construction guidance of iODN.

16 Port Fiber optic distribution box


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What does a Fiber Optic Distribution Box consist of?

The fiber optic distribution box is a separate line for users to enjoy, and it is divided into two groups of 8 lines in the network cable to transmit data. Therefore, it does not affect the speed and bandwidth of the user’s Internet access.

This is fundamentally different in transmission from the splitter connectors that are generally repurchased from outside. Therefore, the distribution box does not cause the users connected to the same pair of splitters can not access each other.

Fiber distribution boxes are used in pairs. A pair of distribution boxes are made up of two optical fiber cable distribution boxes.

8 12 core distribution box fiber optic

A fiber optic termination box consists of two crystal heads and a module, which are connected to the module via a twisted pair cable. One of the crystal heads is lined up with 4 wires, blue and blue-white, brown-white and brown, in slots 1, 2, 3, and 6 of the crystal head.

The other crystal head is lined up with 4 wires, green-white, green, orange-white, and orange, in slots 1, 2, 3, and 6 of the crystal head. The other pair of DP boxes is done similarly.

How to use a Fiber Optic Distribution Box?

You need one distribution box fiber optic for the subscriber side (dormitory) and one for the switch side. If both ends of the network cable are crystal-tipped, you connect the two crystal-tipped ends to the two modules of the fiber distribution box.

MT-1403 8 Core fiber distribution box

Generally, a more extended splitter is placed at the user end, and a shorter splitter is placed at the switch end. The two crystal heads of the splitter at the server room end are plugged into the two ports of the switch, and the two crystal heads of the DP box at the user end are connected to the two users.

It is used for the introduction, fixing, and stripping protection of fiber optic cable, fusion splicing and protection of fiber, storage of pigtail, storage and management of patch fiber, fixed connection and cross connection of fiber, etc. It can also install value-added module units such as optical splitter and wavelength division multiplexer according to customers’ requirements. It is used for the termination, use, and management of fiber optic cables between wiring and equipment.

The optical fiber cable distribution box should be used only when there is no problem with the twisted pair (8 cores are not disconnected).

A pair of fiber optic termination boxes is equivalent to turning a twisted pair into two straight wires. Therefore, the blue, blue-white, brown-white, brown-row method of crystal headers corresponds to the blue, blue-white, brown-white, brown-row process of crystal headers at the other end.

How to connect the Fiber Optic Distribution Box?

Distribution is the location of multiple fiber optics in the distribution box that needs to be divided into several ways to other areas of the fiber optic outlet. In principle, we must use the distribution box as long as the distribution line.

SMC FAT 24 core optical optical fiber distribution box

However, now in the home laying, a small number of line branches without distribution box, directly with a three-way split line, only when the number of lines, the use of optical fiber cable DP box split line. It is recommended to use an optical fiber distribution box to divide the line as much as possible.

Network cable using 3, 4, 5 non-twisted pair, with RJ-45 plug to connect the network card and hubs or switches. However, only 4 cores of the 8-core twisted-pair cable (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th core) are used, and the remaining 4 substances are not used.

The fiber optic termination box is to use the unused 4 cores, using a single cable instead of two network cables. Specific measures are made DP box; in the distribution box, fiber optic 8 seats of the network cable are into two groups, each group of 4 bodies, respectively, to two RJ-45 media interfaces. At each end of the network, the cable is connected to a splitter box. Realize the purpose of network cable multiplexing, i.e., connecting two terminals with one network cable.

How to install a Fiber Optic Distribution Box?

1. Installation of various outdoor distribution box fiber optic

(1) Fiber distribution box is installed on a concrete pole (using a metal back frame).
(2) wall-type outdoor optical fiber distribution box installation.

6 8 16 Cores Mini optical fiber cable distribution box

2. Installation of indoor optical fiber cable distribution box

Wall type indoor termination box installation
① Fiber distribution box installed in the wall of the aisle, its installation height above the painted mirror line or the bottom of the box from the floor 2500mm.
②DP box fiber optic installed in the indoor wall can be installed above the skirting line; the bottom of the box is 50mm from the skirting line.
③ installed in the cable up room DP box should take the vertical installation, the lower part of its distance from the floor 1500mm.
④ wall-type indoor distribution box installation using lead mortise and tenon wood screws.

3. niche optical fiber cable DP box installation is divided into box installation and box installation of connecting elements.

① Box installation by the building construction department according to the design requirements.

② box body under the edge from the floor 1000 ~ 1300mm, box edge from the corner of the wall ≥ 1000mm.
③ cable pipe into the box, the user line length shall not be greater than 15mm. pipe mouth inverted blunt and hinge teeth, and then the nut will be connected with the box.
④ The installation of connecting parts in the package includes threading board and template installation, and the module should be installed in the center of the box.

Main operations

2 door type16 core Fiber Optical Splitter Distribution Box

1. for convenience, fusion splicing can be removed from the box to operate, or Fiber optic splicing alone to terminate the operation.

2. the fiber optic termination box module rotating frame up to remove the box, and drag the cable threading slider, adequately placed.

3. stripping fiber optic cable, length of about 1.5m, in the cable stripping wrapped around a few turns of insulation tape and then fastened with a throat band.

4. fusion wiring fiber optic cable, coiled according to Figure 4, after the completion of the operation, the module rotation frame into the hinge rotation axis.

5. fusion spliced SC pigtail connector inserted into the tap input port, such as temporarily not open it will be parked in the “parking area.”

6. carry out fiber optic cable reinforcement core grounding, grounding wire from the fiber optic cable inlet lead to ground.

7.fix the fiber optic cable threading slider and reinstall the box on the wall backplane.

Structure of Fiber Optic Distribution Box

FDB 16 Port optical fiber distribution box

1. The DP box body material is PC alloy.

2. Double-layer structure design, the upper layer is the optical splitter wiring layer, and the lower layer is the fiber optic fusion layer.

3. Optical splitter module adopts a drawer-type modular design, with solid interchangeability and versatility.

Building (indoor, outdoor) fiber distribution, distribution box using a two-layer structure, the outer layer is mainly composed of optical inserts fixed device, and butterfly introduction of optical cable coiling set device and fiber storage devices; the inner layer is equipped with fiber optic splicing discs and skin cable splicing tray.

What is the role of the Fiber Optic Distribution Box?

1 Fixed and protective function of fiber optic cable

Fiber optic cable into the equipment, there must be a reliable fixed and protective devices, fixed fiber optic cable metal moisture barrier, armored layer and strengthen the core must be reliably connected to the high-voltage protective grounding device, fiber optic cable stripping must be protected with plastic sleeves or spiral tube and fixed into the fiber optic fusion splicing device.

Butterfly cable coiling and tying must be naturally straight, with no twisting, ringing, and other phenomena; it is appropriate to use the necessary fixed devices to ensure no external extrusion and operational damage.

Outdoor waterproof SCFC type distribution box fiber optic

2. Fiber core termination function: distribution box cable termination device must facilitate the fusion of optical fiber and optical fiber or pigtail, installation and maintenance operations, and a surplus of fiber storage space.

3. fiber optic fusion splice joint protection function: fiber optic splice part must be protected. After the fiber and fiber fusion, the common interest must be protected with fusion protection sleeves.

4. cable fiber applicability requirements: must be able to meet the GB, T 7424 in the optical fiber, ITU-T G.652, and ITU-T G.657 fiber or compatible with the fiber, as well as YD, T 1997-2009 butterfly optical cable for access networks.

5. fiber transfer function: the pigtail can quickly and efficiently dispatch the fiber serial number in the cable and change the route of the transmission system. The pigtail length must meet the requirements of the fiber transfer operation.

6. door lock:DP box door lock must be an anti-theft structure with good anti-destructive ability. All distribution boxes should be reserved for the traditional padlock latch or other alternate means of solution.

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Fiber Optic Distribution Box use environment

16core fiber optic distribution box

a) building (indoor, outdoor) fiber optic distribution, DP box should meet the requirements of the upper and lower into the cable, the top and bottom of the box should be configured with four entry holes, and cable fixing and protection devices should be able to meet the needs of four fiber optic cable fixed at the same time. Such as the use of separate under the cable, the upper cable into the empty need to do sealing treatment.

b) Fiber optic splicing tray should be open, and Fiber optic splicing tray and skin cable fusion tray installation and size requirements consistent.

c) All fasteners should be firmly and reliably linked, the box sealing strip bonding should be flat and firm.

d) box door opening angle of not less than 180o, the door lock opening and closing flexible and reliable.

e) The bending radius of fiber optic cable introduction should be greater than 15 times the diameter of the fiber optic cable.

f) fiber optic cable in the box, regardless of where to turn, the radius of curvature should not be less than 30mm.

g) The small bending radius of the butterfly introduction cable should not be less than 10mm after fixing, and the reserved length in the box should not be less than 0.5m.

h) The optical splitter installed in the optical splitter box should be fixed in the box using solid materials, and the performance index of the optical splitter must meet the requirements of the tender specifications.

i) Optical splitter using fiber optic active connector should be SC type, two plugs connected arbitrarily insertion loss ≤ 0.5dB, return loss > 35dB, its performance indicators should be in line with YD, T 1272.3-2005 “fiber optic active connector part 3: SC type” requirements. Fiber optic activity connector used in the upper port of the optical splitter should be green, the fiber optic activity connector used in the lower port should be blue, the free port is not installed fiber optic activity connector.

j) The terminal, fusion, storage of optical fiber in the DP box of the building should be conveniently configured in sets within the full capacity.

j) Optical splitting inserts should be modular and integrated, and there should be no jumper in the building splitting and distribution box.

l) building optical fiber cable distribution box manufacturers should provide the manufacturers and specifications of the splitter used, and provide proof of purchase.

MT-3030 20 pair drop wire Fiber Optic Distribution Box

MT-3030 20 pair drop wire Fiber optic distribution box

Quick Detail:

Name: 20 pair drop wire DP box
with the STB module
Capacity: 20 pair
Application: STB type module for copper drop wire
Distribution box fiber optic dimensions Box size: 360*210*80mm
Weight: 1040g
Type of mount Wall mount Pole mount
Application environment: outdoor type
Type of Lock Type: Screw type
Certificate: ISO9001

MT-3030 20 pair drop wire Fiber optic distribution box1


The terminal block of connection adapts for connecting the distributive wires of the external and internal padding.

Its construction allows the control measurements of the connected chains in both directions. Box protects from the environmental effects.

The terminal block of connection consists of housing and cover of rectangular form, and also 5- the polar unit of relationship, fixed on the housing.

The cover is fixed beyond the axis shared with the housing; however, it can be isolated from the housing to guarantee convenience in work due to the squeezed conditions.

The wires are introduced through the detachable stuffing boxes, which ensure the possibility of applying wires of different sizes. Fastening wires are performed by the metallic screws located inside the unit of connection.

MT-2309-30 10 20 30 Pair Outdoor Type Fiber Optic Distribution Box

MT-2309-30 10 20 30 Pair Outdoor Type Fiber optic distribution box

Quick Detail:

1.Name: 10 20 30 Pair Outdoor Type fiber distribution box
2.No: MT-2309-30
3.Plastic Material: glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate (Flame retardant)
4.Frame material: 304 Stainless steel
5.Dimension: 10 pair: 160*115*85 30 pair : 220x140x90mm ;
6.Capacity: 10,20,30 pair
7.Type: For Krone module
8.Color: Grey
9.Weight: 430g
10.Package: 1pcs/box 25pcs/carton GW:13.2kg 51*49*46cm
11.Certificate: ISO9001