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200 pair copper splice closures


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Copper Splice Closure Data Sheet

copper splice closure

1.Name: Copper cable closure

2.Capacity: 10 ~300 pair


10-30 pair: H345mm*D75mm
50-150 pair H480mm*D85mm

10-30 pair 282g
50-150 pair 743g

6.Mounting type: Wall mount and Pole mount type

Features of copper splice closure

1) The copper splice closure adopts the principle of free breathing and is designed as a linear longitudinal package, which can be ventilated, breathable, resistant to ultraviolet radiation, cold resistant, anti-aging and suitable for any harsh environment.

copper cable closure

2) The shell of the copper cable closure is made of high-density polyethylene (i.e., submarine cable material), which is blow-molded to be durable and not easy to break. The cast coaxial sealing end ring can be attached to the cable to prevent rainwater intrusion. The external metal products are made of stainless steel, which is durable and beautiful.

copper cable closure

3) Copper cable closures are well-structured products, easy to install, all parts are attached to the casing, not easy to lose, easy to keep, easy to maintain, reusable, and the first choice in new product line projects.

copper cable closure

(4) copper connector is suitable for use with terminal blocks or wiring modules, can be used directly, a wide range of uses.

The main technical indicators of the copper splice closure

copper cable closure

(1) Applicable to the ambient temperature 40 ℃ – +60 ℃.

(2) Ambient atmospheric pressure 80 — 106Mpa.

(3) Relative humidity is less than or equal to 95%.

(4) Fastener test: after 200 cycles, there is no sign of whitening and cracking at the fastener, and the spring fastener does not fall off, loosen or fail.

(5)Axial tension: take the axial tension of d/45*100N for 2 hours, and no cable pull off after the test.

(6) temperature cycle: low temperature 30 ℃ + 2 ℃, high temperature + 60 ℃, 2 ℃, at high and low temperature stage for not less than 4 hours each, test together and then tested to meet the requirements.

(7) vibration test: vibration frequency of 10HZ, amplitude of 3mm, vibration time of 72h / time.

(8) impact test: the mass of the steel ball is 500g, 1m high above the casing. It falls freely.

(9) temperature cycle: jump in the range of low temperature -40 ℃ ~ +60 ℃ high temperature, dwell time of not less than 4h, no fracture and other abnormalities.

The operation method of copper cable closure

200 pair copper splice closures

1) After opening the snap, first remove the ring around the casing, according to the cable specifications, use a round gauge to measure the diameter of the cable, and then cut the hole of the sealing ring from the front with scissors, and tear the middle part from the back.

2) Pass the main cable and branch cable through the left and right sealing rings respectively, and determine the cable interface length (refer to the reference data sheet) for butt jointing.

3) Connect the shield of the Y-cable to the ground wire at both ends of the cable.

4) Secure the butt-joined cable to the surface of the sleeve with two plastic straps.

5) Unscrew the lifting clips above the sleeve and secure the sleeve to the wire.

6) Install the left and right seals on the two parts of the casing to complete the operation of connecting the casing.

What is the 50 100 pair copper splice closure?

100 pair copper splice closures

7.Name: Copper cable closure

8.Capacity: 10 ~300 pair

9.Material: ABS

50 pair: H280mm*D85mm
100 pair H280mm*D12mm

50 pair 440g
100 pair 605g

12.Mounting type: Wall mount and Pole mount type

100 pair copper splice closures

The copper splice closure is a protection device for cable joints. It is suitable for the connection and separation of copper connectors below 200 pairs. 200 pairs of copper connectors are used for pole, wall and overhead type.

200 pair copper splice closures

The box is made of imported high-strength engineering plastic ABS plus anti-aging agent, and the external fasteners are made of stainless steel.

Waterproof, moisture-proof, mold-proof and anti-corrosion effect.

Main technical indicators

200 pair copper splice closures

Ambient temperature: -30℃ to +60℃.

Relative humidity: 95% or below

Atmospheric pressure: 70kpa-106kpa

Gas 200kpa, maintained under normal atmospheric conditions for 100h, pressure drop value <5Kpa

Gas 60kpa, temperature change of 30℃ after cycle (- – + 60℃), pressure drop value <5kpa