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Melontel, one of the leading Chinese communication equipment manufacturers, is here today. This article will cover definitions, applications, specifications, and benefits, among other things. Continue reading to learn more.

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Melontel, which has been around since 1995, is a major player in China’s telecommunications industry. Cixi is home to our company and is conveniently placed between the ports of Ningbo and Shanghai.

Currently, our company employs over a hundred people and makes use of a wide variety of cutting-edge methods.

Melontel cable’s connector is a plug that may be added to the cable’s end and used with any available port. Male and female forms of the cable connections are available. There may be one or many protruding pins on the male cable connectors. Female cable connectors, on the other hand, have the requisite holes for male pin insertion. While hermaphroditic connectors do exist, they are typically avoided.

To return to the subject of network cabling systems, there are three main varieties of cable connections in common usage for Melontel. Connectors for these cables include coaxial, twisted-pair, and fiber-optic.

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Cable Connectors for TV

Cable connectors serve several purposes, from linking satellite receivers to home theater systems. Selecting the correct connector for the cable type ensures a more stable connection and transmission.

When it comes to structured cabling systems, Telco Data only employs the highest quality cable connectors.

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Aerial Flylead

Connecting a wall-mounted TV aerial socket to a TV or set-top box with an aerial input socket requires the use of an Aerial Flylead. They are also used to link digital video recorders and other set-top boxes to televisions. Each end of these will feature a male aerial plug.

Aerial cable extender

Two-pronged aerial cable, one end with a male plug and the other with a female connector.


A male-to-male SCART cable is typically used to connect AV components like a set-top box or DVD player to a TV. You can pick a low-end SCART cable from Maplin, but if you’re looking for something more sturdy, TV Cables has you covered.

F-Plug connector

F-Plugs are typically used with cable or satellite television systems. They’re threaded like a screw. Below, you can see an example of a male plug on the left and a female plug on the right.

HDMI connector

It is the standard method of linking a Blu-ray player or HD-capable set-top box to an HDTV. For more information on HDMI connections, adapters, and cables, visit our dedicated website.

Component Connectors

Compatible with a number of different set-top boxes. Connectors for the Y,Pb,Pr components are indicated by red, green, and blue, respectively. Bear in mind that these only contain video and not audio.

Composite Connectors

There are three wires: a red and white audio lead, a yellow video line, and a ground.

TV cable connector types

A cable connector is a physical link between two devices that can serve in a variety of capacities. The Personal Computer (PC) cable, Networking Cable (Network), and Audio/Video (AV) cable allow for the connection of various hardware devices to a computer system.

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The RCA Plug and Jack

Most consumer electronics use RCA cables for audio/video connections both digital and analog since it is the most widely available connector type. Compared to other connectors, this one isn’t great, but it’s typically the best we have because it’s what the equipment manufacturers gave us.

In most cases, composite video inputs and outputs can be found on RCA jacks that are colored yellow. You can tell that your device uses composite if there is just one RCA jack on the rear panel, and it is likely branded “video” or something similar. Three RCA plugs, one each in green (Y, or Luminance), blue (Pb), and red, are typically used to denote component video (Pr). The colors red, green, blue, yellow (horizontal sync), and white make up the RGBHV color space, albeit this is not always the case (vertical sync).

Some gadgets will be marked as supporting both RGBHV and Y/Pb/Pr, with the former requiring all five connections and the latter only three.

The BNC Plug and Jack

When it comes to video transmissions, the BNC is the industry standard connector, and it’s starting to show up on high-end consumer devices as well. As with the RCA, it will be clearly identified as either a composite video (one connection), Y/C s-video (two connections), Y/Pb/Pr (three connections), or RGB (one of these).

From the observations, BNCs are most often misunderstood because their female connector is mistaken for a male. This is because both the male and female connectors have a protruding feature that appears like a pin in the middle. However, if you look closely, you’ll notice that the

“pin” on a female BNC is actually a receptacle for the male pin.
A BNC connector on a panel will always be female, while BNC connectors on cables will almost always be male such as our breakout adapters, which have female BNCs to join with standard cable-mount male BNCs.


cable tv with F Connector

Most antenna and cable TV hookups are F-connectors, which are screw-on types. F-connectors are typically reserved for radio frequency connections, but some older laser disc players used them for digital audio.

The 4-pin mini-DIN Plug

The four-pin mini-DIN s-video connection that is standard on consumer electronics is, to put it mildly, a terrible choice for video. Because of its compact design, two coaxes must be inserted via a hole the size of a pencil eraser in order to avoid the device from unplugging itself.

However, it is instantly recognized, which is at least something to be said for it.

The HD15 / mini dSub 15 / VGA connector

More and more gadgets are being released with 15-pin connectors, which go by as many different names as there are pins. Commonly associated with the socket used with most PC computer monitors, this connector is also sometimes referred to as a “VGA” plug.

However, this usage is a little unclear given that VGA is an RGBHV video stream and the same socket is used for RGBHV, RGBS, RGB sync-on-green, and Y/Pb/Pr Component video. In order to properly operate a device with a 15-pin connector, it is crucial to be aware of the video format(s) it can output or accept.

Many currently available projectors, for instance, will take in either Y/Pb/Pr component video or RGBHV via a 15-pin connection, however there are a few exceptions. A cable made for RGBHV will have Y/Pb/Pr on the Green/Blue/Red lines, respectively, so all one has to do is match up the color-coding on the connectors to get everything working.

DVI Connectors

There are several varieties of DVI Connectors, with DVI-I and DVI-D being the most common. The DVI-I connector is different because it contains extra pins on one end that transport the vast majority of the analog video signal. In other words, a DVI-I cable has both digital and analog pins, so it may be utilized for either a digital or an analog transmission.

The analog pins on a DVI-I connector won’t fit into a DVI-D socket, therefore it’s crucial to double-check that the cable you buy is compatible with your existing equipment before making a purchase.

Coaxial Cable Connectors

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Connectors for coaxial cables are further broken down into the BNC Connector, N-Series Coaxial Connectors, and F-Series Coaxial Connectors. Make sure the cable width matches your needs before purchasing a coaxial cable connector. So, let’s learn about the various coaxial cable connectors.

N-Series Coaxial Connectors

In appearance, N-Series and F-Series coaxial connectors are nearly identical. The main distinction is an additional weatherproof pin placed atop the center conductor.

The N-Series of coaxial connectors is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor operation. Connectors of this type are the way to go if you need something for backbone applications. Melontel can be contacted with any coaxial connector specifications.

F-Series Coaxial Connectors

The connections are made using coaxial connectors from the F-series. Telco Data recommends using F-Series coaxial connectors when setting up satellite or cable TV, or installing security cameras in the home.
Important parts of this cable connector design include a threaded collar, a centrally projecting conductor, and a jacket with an externally threaded ferrule.

To guarantee a secure and long-lasting connection, you should carefully inspect these parts.

BNC Connector

In contrast to the other types of cable connectors, the BNC connector is truly one of a kind. The BNC connector’s adaptability makes it ideal for uses that necessitate frequent plugging in and unplugging.

BNC connections are shaped like the ones found on F-Series coaxial cables. A ferrule and a center conductor are also included in this cable’s package. The BNC connector’s rotating collar is one of its most useful characteristics since it enables for a secure connection with any type of coaxial cable or female connector.

Cable for TV

3 way CATV splitters optic splitter for cable tv

When going shopping for a new TV or other electronic item, be sure to ask about the required cable type. It won’t work if the TV’s port is different from the one on the device.Type of signal is how information is transmitted through a link. One of two things: a high-quality digital signal or a mediocre analog one.

The term “maximum resolution” refers to the highest possible image quality that may be achieved by a given video output. Higher resolutions, such as 1080p, provide clearer and more detailed images than lower resolutions (480i). Still, nothing beats 4K Ultra HD pictures.

Shopping around for the greatest cable provider for your needs can ensure that you and your family have access to the best content possible.

Entry-Level Cable Packages

To get started, check out what the various basic cable packages have to offer. Spectrum, and similar providers, provide more than 100 channels in their most basic plan. If you’d rather watch TV through satellite, Dish Network offers a number of packages.

Verify that your cable TV provider provides high-quality service and treats its customers with respect. Evaluate your viewing habits to determine which networks you simply can’t live without.

Here you may compare the basic cable plans offered by different companies to see which one meets your needs.

Silver and Gold Premium Cable Packages

DISH TV offers a plethora of premium packages, perfect for those who want to investigate premium channel possibilities.
There is a monthly fee of $85-$95 for these packages. You may watch ESPN, AMC, the Golf Channel, Hallmark, the Smithsonian, Sundance, and Paramount, among many others.

You can’t go wrong with any of these packages, especially with so many channels releasing ground-breaking new shows. Back in the day, if you wanted to watch the best cable dramas, you had to pay for a subscription to a premium channel like HBO or Showtime.

This assortment of stations should have something for everyone, no matter their preferred genre of television programming.

Premium and Niche Channels

Many consumers choose to subscribe to cable or satellite TV in the first place because they want access to specialty and premium channels.

HBO and other premium networks have been home to some of the most innovative shows in the history of television. Showtime, like many other premium cable networks, features first-run movies, original series, and boxing and mixed martial arts as live events.

If you’re looking for specialized content, you can tune in to networks like Telemundo, OWN, or Reality Kings and Brazzers TV.

By adding specialty and pay channels to your package, you may tailor your viewing experience to your personal preferences.

Cable Packages for Sports Fans

Furthermore, if you consider yourself a sports fanatic, cable and Dish will provide you with hours of viewing pleasure. You can catch every snap, pitch, and 3-pointer thanks to services like MLB TV, NBA League Pass, and NFL Sunday Ticket, which stream games from beyond your local viewing area.

A number of these bundles also include sports coverage of collegiate competitions from every major conference. You can follow your team all year round, not just during the playoffs and bowl games.

Cable Bundled With Phone and Internet

When you bundle your services together, you might potentially save quite a bit of money. Bundling your cable TV, phone, and internet services is sometimes an option with many companies. Saving money and having access to all you need in one place is a major benefit of this strategy.

Having all of your communication plans worked out in advance is possible when you bundle cable and internet. This is useful whether you need a phone for personal or professional use.

You can ask your ISP for advice on which plans and speeds are ideal for your family’s needs. Before committing to an internet service provider, it’s a good idea to check the upload and download speeds offered by competing services. Great TV and internet bundles are available from providers like Xfinity.

Optional DVR Service

Investigate supplemental DVR options if you want to record shows you want to watch later. Find out how much space is available on the DVR so you can record all of your favorite shows at once.

In addition, Dish offers a remote that works with Google Voice. It’s important to know if the DVR service is an added cost or if it’s included in your preferred cable or satellite bundle.

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Cable Connectors for TV

splitters optic splitter for cable tv

The cable connections are an essential feature of every industrial set up. It’s simple to link the power and data wires with the aid of cable connectors. There is always a need to join two cables, and hence cable connectors, and especially circular cable connectors, play a crucial role in every business.

Connecting the two ends of a cable directly without using any connections allows for the most efficient possible transfer of data or power.