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What’s 3M un2a Scotchlok Connector?

3M un2a Scotchlok Connector1

The U-shaped bridging connection has two halves and a core wire. It is a waterproof resin that can be used to connect 3m Ub2a Scotchlok connector to bridging or connecting.

One core wire can pass through the resin smoothly to complete the “T-shaped” bridging connection. Double-layer U-shaped blade made of moistureproof resin.

Pre-crimp is a function that UB2A connectors can offer, which can make it easier for workers to use.

Connect the connector to the conductor, and then pre-crimp. This will stop the conductor from slipping until it is crimped.

These connectors are used to connect, cut or brake cables.

The ub2a Scotchlok connector connects two wires to telephone breakout cables. It includes conductors.

You can also crimp it. It’s used to attach the connector blocks from a POTS cable to any connector block on any terminal strip or splitter.

Two-wire connectors are the most common in telephone networks. A Y-splice connector is used by most terminal strips. This connector connects two conductors at the one end.

Make ub2a using scotchlok. Wash cotton/polyester in warm soapy water. After drying, dry thoroughly.

Here is a list of potentially hazardous substances in the ub2a Scotchlok. These substances are listed together with possible health effects on the eyes, skin, or respiratory system.

Scotchlok ub2a Scotchlok must be made of non-toxic materials.

The ub2a connector was designed to meet the needs of the latest generation of test equipment. You can use the ub2a connectors with the most recent age of test equipment.

3m ub2a scotchlok connector certification

3M un2a Scotchlok Connector

The 3m ub2a scotchlok connecter is UL certified with UL file num3m ub2a scotchlok certification E83599.

This conforms to TIA/EIA586 A requirements for Cat.5 transmission. It can be easily inserted into a Cat.5 network cable. It features a 5mm barrel that is extra-large, making it easy for you to plug in and unplug.

For added durability, it has gold-plated contacts that are resistant to corrosion.

The 3m ub2a scotchlok connector is UL-certified and meets TIA/EIA586-A Cat.5 five-line cable transmission requirements.

The copper alloy body is high quality and corrosion-resistant and provides excellent signal strength. Its user-friendly design makes it easy to connect securely and reliably in a small space.

Technical specifications: – Connector body: copper alloy. – Connector shell ABS plastic. – Connector strain relief hi-strength silicon. – Orientation U-shape. – Connector diameter 3mm. – Connection: Crimp-on. 3.5mm Cable diameter. 2m Cable length. Adapter strain relief plastic. Adapter orientation

3m ub2a scotchlok connector product features

3M un2a Scotchlok Connector1

The original U-shaped connector for ub2a is the scotchlok connector. It does not need to be stripped and comes with two sets of snap-on blades.

No stripping is required for the plated contacts. It is easy to insert or remove the connector from a cable, thanks to the extra-large barrel.

The ub2a connector’s U-shaped interface makes it simple to connect or disconnect without having to take the connector out of the line. Two sets of snap-on blades are included in the ub2a connector, making it easier to connect or disconnect.

The original U-shaped interface is easy to use. Plated contacts provide long-lasting performance and a unique U-shaped interface that does not need stripping.

The connector comes with two snap-on blades that make it easy to install.

Thanks to its blade design, it is easy to connect and disengage the connector. This connector is cost-effective for short runs in tight areas.

The ub2a connector can be used to achieve online bridging.

The maximum outer diameter for the hydrocarbon seal moistureproof agent of the Ub2a scotchlok connection is 2.08mm.

How do you use the 3M Scotchlok Connector?

3M Scotchlok Connector1

The outer sheath is not necessary to be removed.

The metal clip in the 3M Scotchlok Connector will penetrate the outer sheath and make contact with the copper core.

The 3M Scotchlok connector is used to connect network cables.

Pay attention to the temperature difference between ambient temperature and the 3M Scotchlok connector. Obstacles.

How to extend network cables with the ub2a Connector?

3M Scotchlok Connector1

1. Because there are 8 cables in a network cable, one adapter can only link one.

2. The network cable should be removed from both ends. You should note that each network cable has a different color. Connect each one of the cables individually to ensure a successful connection. Connect it one at a time.

3. Connect the network cable to the two ports on the adapter’s bottom. After fixing it, you can place it at the bottom to stop it from coming apart.

4. Use needle-nose pliers to press the slot on top of the adapter (wiring termination). This is more laborious and must be pressed and compacted to avoid contact with the wires or disconnection.

5. Wrap the wires once they are all connected.

6. Verify that the extended network cable has not been stretched. Then it is safe to use.


Production must be done with care and attention. Each step should be followed carefully to avoid any potential problems.

The price of adapters (or connectors) is usually meager and can be found in hardware stores.

Is 3M Scotchlok Connector waterproof?

The 3M Scotchlok Connector was designed to connect weak current lines.

The connector is protected from oxidization by being filled with silicone oil. It also has waterproof properties.

As you can see in the image, place the outlet end facing down. It is waterproof. Effect.

What are the characteristics and uses of local communication cables?

(1) The contact between metal and metal should be tight.
(2) To prevent contact resistance from rising, a firm, steady and lasting pressure at the contact point should be maintained for a long period.
(3) To increase electrical performance, contact points between metals should be “surface” rather than “point”.
(4) The contact parts should be protected from moisture.