288 Core Fiber Optic Cable Cross Connection Cabinet

This article will explain the technical specifications and information about the configuration in the 288 Core Fiber Optic Cable Cross Connection Cabinet .(the design is examined in terms of SMC capacity, performance and capacity).

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Technical Parameters Of 288 Core Fiber Optic Cable Cross Connection Cabinet

1.insulation resistance: The insulation resistivity between grounding devices and hold workpieces inside the box must not fall below 2x104MO, and the test voltage must be DC 500V.

2. Level of the withstand voltage Between the grounded device and the fiber optic cross connect gold workpiece must not be lower than 3000V (DC) for 1 minute without breakdown and without arcing.

3. The loss of the optical fiber connector (including interchange, insertion, and repeatability) isn’t more significant than 0.5dB.

4.Loss of return for optical connector PC type >40dB UPC type50dB APC type 60dB.

5. Lifetime of fiber optic connectors by connecting and disconnecting “1000 times.”
288 fiber optic core cross-connection cabinet Each surface can withstand a force perpendicular to the surface greater than 980N. Once the door has been opened, the pressure at the exterior must be higher than 200N.

Configuration Of 288 Core Fiber Optic Cable Cross Connection Cabinet

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1.This fiber optic cross connect cabinet is constructed of high-strength, aerospace material SMC (glass unsaturated, fiber-enhanced) through high-temperature molding. It has a longevity of service anti-aging, anti-radiation, and anti-aging. The surface does not need any protection and comes with the ability to protect against all weather conditions.

2. The body of the box is strong and has excellent heat insulation, effectively stopping condensing of water vapor inside the box.

3. The box door is fitted with sealing door seals with a waterproof door lock and three-point locking pins for the door that is secure and reliable. It also has excellent sealing properties.

4. Use a 12-core fusion wiring module.

5. It is suitable for setup in FC and SC optical fiber adapters.

6. There are solid optical cable fixing systems and grounding devices.

7. It can be used at the final stretch of ribbon and single-core cable. Standard applicable to you: YD/T 988-2007.

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What Is The Capacity Of The 288 Core Fiber Optic Cross-Connect?

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This capacity in 288 core cross connection cabinets is the most significant number of fiber cores assembled in the fiber optic cable cabinet.

The power is proportional to the degree of the box, its overall cost, and the difficulty of building and maintaining it; therefore, it shouldn’t be considerable.

In the real world of engineering and design, It appears that engineers and designers require that the greater capability for a fiber optic cross connect, the better.

However, the consequences that this could have been that the size of the container would rise and the cost of equipment would increase.

In reality it is the capacity that the fiber optic cross connect cabinet is often referred to as its capacity for distribution of fiber which is the total capacity for distribution of fibers on the trunk cable as well as the capacity to distribute fiber from branches cable.

A capacity for the outdoor fiber optic cross connect cabinet ought to comprise three elements that are: the capacity to straight-through the optical cable in the trunk as well as the capacity to distribute fibers of the optical cable that runs through the trunk, and the capacity for distribution of fibers on the optical branch cable.

What Is A 288-Core Fiber Optic Cable Junction Box?

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Melontel’s optical cable junction boxes is a device for connecting outdoors. Its most important requirement is being capable of enduring extreme climate changes as well as harsh working environments.

The cabinet for cross-connection should be water-proof gas condensation that is dustproof and waterproof protection against rodents and insects and a strong resistance to damage from impact.

The cabinet for cross-connection is required to be able to stand up to extremely harsh conditions.

Thus, the fiber optic cross connect’s outside side has greater waterproof and dust-proofing requirements. the destruction that is impact-proof and pest-proof and rodent-proof.

The interior part of an outdoor fiber optic cross connect cabinet is extremely demanding to control humidity and temperature. As per International standards, the top standard for these projects is IP66.

However, there aren’t any fiber optic cross-connect shells that meet the requirements of this standard.

The cross connect cabinet that is most commonly used is The original German KRONE cabinet. The cabinet is made from unsaturated polymer glass fiber reinforced (SMC) that provides excellent performance in moistureproof, waterproof and protection from impact damage.

cross connection cabinet 

Different styles of cross connection cabinets refer to versions of KRONE cabinets made of iron, which are mostly cabinets made of metal (generally being in at the IP65 norm). For boxes made of metal, because of its poor performance in terms of condensation of gas waterproofing the metal box is not going to be utilized in large numbers and is gradually being removed.

Presently, some of the imitation products are available on the market that are very different from KRONE imports from Germany in terms of gas condensation in waterproof conditions and impact resistance because of materials performance issues.

Dust’s two performance characteristics are also comparable.
Of course, if the exterior environment of the fiber optic cross connect installation location is reasonably good it is acceptable to lower expectations for performance and lower expenditure.

288 Core Fiber Optic Cable Cross Connection Cabinet Application

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A 288-core optical connector box (detailed analysis model, with pictures along with text) is used primarily for the equipment used to interface the intersection of the optical cable in the trunk as well as that of the distribution fiber optical cable of the network of optical cables.

Let’s now examine the installation and use for the optical junction box 288 core.

1.The scheduling and distribution of optical fibers is done in the front. The lines that go in and out of optical cables, pigtails , and jumpers are separate from each the other and don’t interfere with one another. It is extremely convenient.

2. The drawer-type tray design is used, which combines the terminal and welding into the tray. The tray can be taken out to be constructed separately. The terminal and welding operate on the same level and do not need to turn and the building is extremely easy.

3. The adapter is mounted in a left-inclination angle. This will ensure the curvature of the fiber connector, prevent laser burns to the eyes, and make the fiber connection operation easy and secure. The adapter can be removed, which makes it easier for maintenance.

4. The device uses optical cable splitter components to make the processes that involve fixing, stripping, and grounding optical cables easier and more efficient. When an external cable is connected to the optical cable, the splitter components can be pulled off for construction separately, which is easier to use.

5. After inserting an optical cable make use of the glue that seals water-stops the accessory to close the optical cable’s hole. The water stop that seals the hole expands when exposed to water, and the sealing effect is ideal.
The level of protection offered by the cabinet is at the level of IP65 in the GB/T4208-1993 standard.

How To Install A 288 Core Cross Connection Cabinet?

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288 core fiber optic cross connect can be placed either overhead or on the ground in accordance with the needs of the customer.

Floor installation Reserving 4 on the cement base prefabricated in accordance with the size of the installation that is specified in the manual

Screws for anchoring M12. Before installing, open the door to the machine, then pull out two pins that are on one side of the machine to open the base of the device, and then set it on the base and secure the feet within the base using nuts.

After installation, shut the base panel, and then slide in the latch and secure the panel.

Overhead installation: Make 4 F14 holes in the overhead platform in accordance with the dimensions for installation in the manual. after that, secure the equipment using M12 bolts and nuts.

What Are The Characteristics Of  The 288 Core Cross Connection Cabinet?

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288 core fiber optic cross connect cabinet is used primarily for device that connects the point of connection between the optical cable that runs through the trunk and the optical distribution cable within the access optical network.

A fiber optic cross connect is an interface device that is used to connect the optical cable trunk and an optical distribution cable of the access optical network.

It performs the roles that include optic cable fusion straight through, as well as the storage of optical fibers and wires. Then, follow the editor to find out the functional and technical specifications of the 288 fiber optic core cross-connection cabinet.
1.It is a fiber optic cross connect cabinet used for wiring, splicing, and storage, as well as fiber adjust. It has an enduring resistance to outdoor environments and can withstand harsh weather changes as well as harsh working conditions.

It has excellent sealing capabilities and provides protection. It meets the standards that are required by the IP65 grade.

2. The box’s body is accessible via the front doors or front and rear doors. The box is spacious enough for fiber cloth and storage for fiber, in addition to hooks and spools, which are easy to use.

3. Modular design, sensible layout, multi-functionality as well as high-density.

4. It is designed with an anti-theft door lock design, which is secure and reliable and provides solid anti-destructive functions. The body of the box has the flexibility of optical cables that are outgoing and inbound, as well as a flexible internal connection structure.

5. FC adapters, or SC, can be used. The adapter features a bevel of 40 degrees to prevent direct arc light from reaching the eyes of humans.

6. In accordance with the needs of the customer according to the requirements of customers, the fiber optic cable’s core may also take the shape of a cover fixed to protect the fiber optic cable that is suitable for normal or ribbon-like fiber optic cables.

7.A method for grounding is that the box contains two ground layers. One of which is the protection ground, and the fiber optical cables’ strength is linked to this ground protection.

The second layer is the ground for the rack. The two ground layers aren’t connected and are connected to the ground in the equipment room via their grounding wires.

8. There is a separate optical cable straight-through weld area in the box. the optical cables on both ends are connected to the straight-through welding zone.

9. The box’s bottom is high, and the space is vast, which is suitable for a greater radius of curvature once optic cables are installed. Construction, installation, and operation are simple.

10.The rack has an excellent grounding system.

The plastic components in this machine consist of substances that are flame-resistant.

What Are The Main Functions Of The 288 Core Fiber Optic Cable Cross Connection Cabinet?

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There should be optical fiber access, fixing, and protection devices for the optical cable fixing and protection function. The device is used to insert and fix the optical cable onto the rack to shield the optical fiber’s core from damage from the incoming cable.

The metal portion that makes up the optical cable is protected from the machine, and the fixed metal sheath and reinforcing center that makes up the optical cable must be securely connected to the grounding device for high voltage protection. Device.

The function of optical cable termination

We are utilizing optical fibers to terminate the device.

This device is ideal for the operation, construction, maintenance, and installation of optical fiber cores and pigtail splicing. It allows you to secure and fix the joint to remain straight and without movement, avoiding the impact of external force and ensuring that the pigtail and the core of the optical cable aren’t damaged.

Line adjustment function

Connectors through fiber optic patch cables. It’s easy to quickly and efficiently program the serial number for the fiber core in the optical cable and alter the sequence of routes for the transmission process using optical fibers.

cross connection cabinet 

Protection from optical fiber cores and the pigtail

Once the optical cable is removed, the fiber core is protected by a device, fixed, and then inserted in the termination of the optical fiber.


The capacity for each unit and rack (determined through the number of adapters) must be defined in the standard enterprise product.

Fiber optic termination devices, fiber optic splicing tray equipment, docking decks, and pigtails, and adapters must be set up to work within the entire capacity range.